Thursday, 9 February 2017


I would like to officially welcome the gorgeous Monsieur Cézanne to my menagerie. He journeyed all the way from Thailand to take up residence in my aquarium. Though he was rather disappointingly drab when he first arrived, he quickly coloured up beautifully after recovering from travel (I shouldn’t judge: I’m sure I look drab on arrival when I travel long distance also). 

He is termed as a ‘koi’ betta, referring to his patched pattern commonly seen on koi carp. Fun fact: koi means ‘brocade’ in Japanese. ‘Koi’ is a recent development in betta world, an advancement of the marble gene. 

It is possible he may change colour in the future, with the marble gene capable of creating radical changes. Blue fish can suddenly transform to blue and back again. Already some of the white flecks Cézanne had originally are fading and the red increasing… 

I had to name him after an Impressionist, given his painted look. I fixed on Cézanne as he was unusual amongst the Impressionists for using black in his works. Technically Impressionist art should not include it, so he was being a bit of a rebel there – great geniuses can do whatever they like really.

Paul Cezanne. The Bay of l'Estaque.

Paul Cezanne. Still Life, Delft Vase with Flowers.

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