Friday, 22 April 2016


I have a new handbag!


Cheerful me with said handbag.

Now whilst I think the fact I have a new handbag is a generally important announcement by itself this particular handbag is notable as it was produced as a result of a recent collaboration between contemporary artist Gary Baseman and Coach.

Gary Baseman has earned his fame through his kooky, kitsch character based art reminiscent of Edward Gorey’s works with its sweet/macabre flavour.

Baseman has a tendency to jump into interesting side pursuits like toy design and on one occasion the creation of a Disney cartoon called Teacher’s Pet about a nerdy dog who dressed as a boy so he could go to school. I was very excited when I realised he was behind this as I was a fan of the show when I was little (I can’t believe no one I have spoken to remembers Scott Leadready the Second!).  

I think to Coach collaboration is probably the strangest, largest jump so far, though has proven to be a masterstroke by whomever concocted the idea. It has been quite the hit with fashion commentators and fashionistas. Baseman's dripping ocelot print - the drip motif common in his paintings - is a modern spin on a classic.

I think I’d quite like the matching car…

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