Sunday, 31 May 2015


Georgi Chausev, Credit.

Long Tran Hoang. Credit.

Pilgrimage. Credit.

Gregoire Wolinski, Passage. Credit.

Kau Wan Ling, Halelujah Mountain. Credit.

I like to look at aquascapes to relax. The talent and patience of their creators is extraordinary. 

Sadly my poor fish have been suffering the past fortnight from some sort of bacterial infection – it seemed the dreaded columnaris. Fortunately it seems a lesser strain. The more ferocious can wipe out a tank in hours.

I have been giving them daily antibiotic baths after a visit to the vet. The females, it seems, are now out danger. But Merrick, my longest kept and much-loved male, is still poorly – and he would not have caught it at all if I had not foolishly transferred an ornament from the sorority tank to his before symptoms emerged. Yet it was unexpected, since I had not introduced anything new to the female tank for something sets it off – such as an ammonia spike, I may have inadvertently caused by moving said ornament, which may have had waste caught beneath in gravel pockets. Sigh.

Merrick has held on this long however, so there is hope. When he recovers (I will not contemplate the alternative) I think I will buy him a Fluval Spec – the ‘Macbook’ of aquariums – and create a simple scape for him, though it must be low light and simple compared to those above that require powerful lighting and carbon dioxide injections.


Saturday, 16 May 2015


There is something cheering about Edward Gorey’s melancholic little poems: they make human suffering seem quaintly absurd. How funny he was born with the name Gorey - too appropriate.

View larger for the full effect!

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