Tuesday, 11 August 2015


The Australian Museum Science Festival began today - yay science!!! I had excellent fun helping to shepherd extremely enthused children from one exhibit to another. Shark in a bus (its a shark - in a bus!) and the native wildlife exhibit were particular highlights.

Leafy sea dragons hunt shrimp and plankton species with sensitive sensory organs allowing them to detect approaching predators through water movement. Using camoflague (they move through the water in such a way they seem to be floating kelp) and stealth to approach their prey, dragons then suck up their victims with great speed. With an astonishing 90% success rate they are one of the most efficient predators on the planet. 

Sharks constantly grow new teeth to replace those that go missing - some grow 30000 teeth in the course of a lifetime. 

Kirby, the most relaxed and patient Eastern water dragon in the world.

Frankie the Frogmouth! So sweet.

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