Sunday, 21 June 2015

Thomas Hobbes

Thomas Hobbes, my friend's imperious lilac Burmese kitten, like all great despots, required a portrait befitting his stature. He has the gigantic doberman he permits to live in his household well under control!

Saturday, 13 June 2015


With his classically inspired egg temperas of the mundane occurrences of everyday life – travelling, queuing for a licence – Tooker captures with perhaps more success than any other painter that sort of quiet, eerie anxiety that pervades modern urban spaces, where people take care not to look too long at each other's faces.

Some works drift to dream spaces where there are endless prison cells or bedsheets transformed into quicksand. Yet Tooker rejected the notion he painted fantasy, stating he desired to create "reality impressed on the mind so hard that it returns as a dream.” Not dreams then, but glimpses of how things really are.

The Subway, 1950, Egg tempera on composition board, 46 x 91.8 cm. Whitney Museum of American Art.

The Waiting Room, 1959, Egg Tempera on Wood, 61 x 76.2 cm, Smithsonian American Art Museum.

The Sleepers, 1959, Egg Tempera on Wood Panel, 40.8 x 71.1 cm, Moma.
Terminal, 1986.

Government Bureau, 1956, Egg Tempera on Wood, 49.8 x 75.2 cm, Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Landscape with Figures, 1965-66, Egg tempera on gessoed panel, Private Collection.

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Mr M

Still trooping on. Poor little guy. I ended up washing his face last night with a cotton bud dipped in myxazin rather than just adding it to the water as directed (he was not at all impressed). This seemed to clear up most of the visible fungus that was growing all over his head however and he was noticeably perkier this morning, with a bit of a raise to his dorsal. I tried the wash again tonight and he put up far more a fight, leaping out of my hand back into the water. Also a positive sign. Yet there is still cloudiness to his eye, meaning it is riddled with bacteria...

I will have to try some more varieties of medication when I have finished the second round of myxazin and perhaps some vitamin c additive to his food. 

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