Saturday, 10 May 2014


'Les Invisibles Tete-a-Tete',  No. 16 in the Le Supreme Bon Ton engravings

The excesses of fashion have always been a little bit silly - and people have always loved to make sport of them. This comic pokes fun at the trend for bonnets dubbed 'Invisibles' in the 1810s as they made the wearer virtually impossible to see except from the front. It also, as the artist suggests, would have made kissing rather problematic! 

'Following the Fashion' (1794) by James Gillray

Just as thigh-skimming hemlines and crop tops are not the best choice for everyone today, certain looks of history were tried, and unfortunately failed, by fashionista wannabes. It must be said the whims of fashion have never been called 'kind'.

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