Sunday, 2 March 2014


The interior of a Hermes saddle revealed by LuxInside.

Continuing the subject of Hermes saddles, I have discovered an interesting series created by a team of scientists and artists collaborating under the banner LuxInside examining the innards of some of the great luxury items on sale today.

"The principle of luxury objects is that that all the traces of work must be invisible," says Laurence Picot one of the artists involved in the project. The team desires through their work to break down the appearance of seamless existence disguising the extensive manufacture and secret technology at play in objects from Louboutin heels to Dupont lighters (as well as a Hermes saddle, featured above).

In their hands, the x-rayed 'skeletons' of these items I find becomes quite as beautiful as the 'face' we usually see. 

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